How do I cancel?

We are sorry you are considering leaving us.


We are sorry to hear you wish to cancel.

Maybe you have decided to have a break from trading? Or, you are struggling with the strategy or trading in general - that's fine, we can all have these challenges along the way.


If we can help - reach out!


Maybe its accountability, managing risk or letting your winners run - the struggle usually falls into one of these.


If we can help, drop either myself or Connor (darren_wearebluefx / connor_wearebluefx) a message or reach out into the members chat on our server.


If you still wish to cancel, not a problem at all - please follow the below instruction;


Simply please email, cancellations@wearebluefx.com


Also in this email we will require your trading view username so we can remove the script and your Discord username so we can remove 'Member' access please. Access will be valid of course, until your last payment fully expires.


Thank you.