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Make money when the market goes UP and DOWN, at the same time.

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In the world of foreign exchange (forex) trading, an expert advisor (EA) is a piece of software that tells you when to make trades or even automatically initiates and executes trades according to pre-programmed instructions.


Ours is based on an averaging and hedging system - working the market both ways at the same time. Banking profit in the trending direction and hedging and averaging the position in the other direction that will then close in over profit. This is not a martingale strategy, all lot sizes can be and are advised to be set the same - this is adjustable should you wish.

Our EA has its own coding and strategy and is not related to our Trading View Strategy Script in any way.


Once purchased we simply need your account number, we then add this to our validation server so it will then run.


You will need a VPS to run the EA, this ensures the EA is running 24/5.


It's simple.

Either you have purchased via the purchase options below or you have joined via our broker signup option.  

When done simply message us via our Discord Server, the EA files are sat in our members section with our setup instructions.

You will simply need a VPS to get started, we have a link for this in there too. 


How do I buy the EA without changing my broker?

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1 Live licence & 1 Demo, now just*

Once purchased, please send us a message via Discord.

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