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How do I join?


Our strategy costs just £24.99 per month for traders using our partnered broker - If you wish to stay with your existing broker the cost of our service is £499 as a one off fee. All current, previous and any updated versions are included too. You can purchase and signup via this website.


How do I set it up?


Setting the strategy up onto your trading view chart is simple, please find our full setup instructions on our #getting-setup-and-how-to-use page on Discord once you are a Member.

Does the strategy repaint?

No, our strategy is non repainting - nothing changes on your screen.  This is all supported with the Strategy Tester function, you can see the trades opening and closing and how this affects the running profit/loss.


How does the strategy identify a trade?

The strategy itself is based upon 4 indicators lining up in total confluence to increase the probability of the trade being a success. When all criteria is in alignment the strategy will convert all candles to the relevant colour - Green for an uptrend and Red for a downtrend; a candle that is printed simply shows that no current trend is in place to warrant a colour change. A normal coloured candle could also possibly indicate a change in current market direction or the market consolidating before a further move in the initial direction. Upon a trade being valid - the entry price, stop loss and take profits are also displayed.


Does the strategy work on Gold and Indices?


Yes, our strategy works on all FX pairs, Metals, Indices, commodities and stocks.


What time frame should I trade?

The default settings provided are based around trading the 1-HR time frame only. This strategy does work on all time frames but please back test the desired time frame you would like to trade first. What should I be risking per trade? We advise risking a MAXIMUM 1% per trade, if you are attempting to enter all trades which most do we suggest 0.25%. Every trade is different, with the gap to Stop Loss - and every pair has a different pip value.

Do I need to be on the charts all day to monitor the trades?


No, there is no need for you to be on the charts all day. If a trade is valid, you will receive a notification in our alerts section notifying you what pair is valid to trade. If time is a problem, maybe also switch to a higher time frame to follow.


What do you benefit from joining the partnered broker?


When you join our broker we get paid a small one time commission fee. Yes we really said it! We like to think of it as a way of getting you access to our strategy without you having to fork out an additional £499, so ultimately this saves our members money.


Can I have a free trial?


Sorry but we do not currently offer any free trials for our services, it takes time to add and remove all members - thus we strongly believe you can not judge any service for a week. We have years of back test data shared in the public channel, we KNOW this works - its simply a case of it you can follow the strategy and control those voices in your head.

What pairs should I trade?


Please look on the #strategy-announcements-and-updates page on our Server where you will find our full watch list on the pairs we trade. All pairs perform differently at different times on different time frames - our settings are based on current market conditions for 2020 and have provided fantastic gains this year so far.


How can I identify a ranging market?


Spotting a ranging market is simple when you know what you are looking for. Please take the time to visit our #education page on our Server in the 'Members Zone'. Within the course you will see a section which will help you on how to identify a ranging market.


What is the win rate of the strategy?


The win rate of any strategy is irrelevant if you haven't got the correct risk management and RR to back it up. You could have a win rate of 90% and still be unprofitable. This is a key part to understand, executing our strategy as you should and you will lose more trades than you win, the key here is cutting losing trades and winning big on the winning trades. Win Rate is completely irrelevant until we add in Risk to Reward, average win and average loss, we instead focus on profitability - this can be viewed on every pair and time frame with in the strategy.


Do you do signals?


No, we do NOT offer signals, We offer a buy and sell trading view strategy which indicates when there are valid trades to enter via the strategy code itself. You simply load up your trading view app or website and take a look, the trades are displayed automatically.


What SL and TP should I use?


Our strategy provides the TP & SL for you as well as displaying what they are in pips!

Is your expert advisor and trading view strategy the same?


No, our trading view strategy and EA are completely different. Our EA is a separate algorithm which runs on its own. What are the differences between each version of the strategy? Since our first launch of V1 we have updated and improved our strategy to maximise probability, please visit our #trading-view-strategy on Discord to see our 3 videos explaining the differences of each version. When should I close my trade? We advise you to close your open trade when you get a new trade valid in the opposite direction. This is what our back test results are based on which is the most profitable way to trade the system.


What happens after I have signed up?


Once you have joined the team you will be invited to the strategy/script on trading view. You will then be granted access to our members zone on Discord, this usually takes just a few hours.

What happens if i miss the entry price?


Don't worry! you may still have a chance of getting in the trade. First check the entry price when the trade was printed against the live market price. We advise you do not enter a trade if it's running more than 20 pips in profit. If this is the case then monitor the trade and enter IF price comes back up to a sensible level. Sometimes you may get a better entry price too.


Do all time frames work?


Yes! Our strategy works across ALL time-frames. We recommend you play with the parameter settings and strategy tester before you trade any time frame other than the 1HR which the default settings are based around.


How do I use the strategy tester and what is it?


The built in strategy tester will give you accurate data on the probability of the strategy in a matter of seconds , please visit the #getting-setup-and-how-to-use on Discord where you will find detailed instructions on how to use the strategy tester.

How much can I make an average per month?

One of the most difficult questions to answer because as you can imagine, we can not predict the future, we would love to, but sadly we can't. Previous testing does not guarantee future performance, but we have provided the back testing data in our public channel - we have even better results than this in our Members Zone where we are able to 'hone in' on improved parameters too. Results also depend upon which trades you can catch of course. Follow the strategy, manage your risk per trade and let your winners run - success will follow.


Will XXXUSD keep going down, or will it go up soon?


Again, we can not predict the future so we could not tell you for sure how a pair is going to move. trust the strategy and let your trades run - also please refrain from these questions in our chat room. The answer is no one knows - if they pretend to, they are simply guessing - yes, we can draw lines and employ some TA, but again its guesswork. Trade what you see and not what you think.  Also, don't let other people/traders affect your mindset, their opinion will not make your trade go up or down, not should their opinion add optimism or fear on that basis.


Why do I have to sign up via your broker?


You don't, but it can save you money! Joining our broker is one of the options we offer which will ultimately save you paying our one time fee of £499 for the strategy and instead cost you just £24.99 per month.

I already have an account with Vantage FX - can I just join for the monthly fee?


Unfortunately if you already have a live account setup with Vantage FX you will have too pay our one time fee of £499 if you wish to gain access to our strategy. Please message us as we still may be able to help you - we will need to liaise with Vantage FX between us to find out.


How long does it take for me to be added once i have joined Vantage FX or paid the one time fee?


Please allow 1-3 hours to be added to the strategy via trading view. Note - We operate in the UK so please bare in mind different time zones if you are joining us from another country.