Trading View Strategy Script

We are motivated by our clear ambition ; To provide our members with an easy yet profitable trading strategy for both beginner or experienced trader.

In line with our ambition, we believe this takes your trading to the next level.


Trading View Strategy Script

"If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.  If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime"

Lao Tzu


How does it work?

  • No technical analysis​ needed; save hours daily analysing your charts.

  • Accurate Signals placed directly onto your Trading View with our new Strategy Script

  • See the profitability in seconds on all pairs and time-frames

  • The strategy itself is based on 4 individual strategies all lining up for extra confluence. The 'BUY' or 'SELL' is indicated on your chart and all bars will turn green or red depending upon the trend in play


Would you like to see our back testing?

Vist our Blue FX server, under our 'Public Information' please click on our #public-backtesting-data channel



Where can I learn more?

  • Substantial content is posted on our trading view profile, the link is below and on the homepage.

  • Visit out Discord server, we focus and explain how our strategy can help you stay in winning trades longer and the huge difference this will make to your trading.

  • We talk about trading psychology and how this is fundamental in your success. 


Find out more ...

Please follow our trading view profile too and review our 'IDEAS' and 'SCRIPTS' section for more supporting content using our strategy.


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What happens next? 

Please simply hop onto our Discord server and we will get you started.  We simply need your username for both Discord and Trading View, along with your proof of purchase.